Sunday, February 2, 2014

Easy Learning Toy for Preschoolers!

Ok, I don't know why it took me this long to make this for my middle son...  I mean, I had ALL of the items, I just didn't do it until Tuesday...  Why, Tuesday you ask?  Well, because we had a snow/ice day and in Texas, that means snow/ice were predicted and schools cancelled, but both were a no-show for us.  Yay!!  Three kids with cabin fever and too cold/wet to go outside!  :)

So, momma made this for my middle one:

It took 5 minutes!!  This is so awesome and makes learning fun!  I have him tell me the letter, trace it with his pointer finger, tell me the picture and a couple of other words that start with the letter and the sound it makes!  Plus, this baby is totally portable!  Now carpool can have some fun learning time, too!

I had all of the items needed for this one and it's self explanatory, but I will include a tute below.  If you don't have any alphabet cards, I have seen them in the dollar section/store or you can print your own online...  I could also see this being done with math cards, science, spelling, you name it!

Alphabet Cards
Hole Punch
Round Ring Binder Clips


  1. Punch a hole in the top of the card.  I did mine on the top left, but you can put it anywhere.
  2. Put the cards in order.
  3. Open the binder clip and place the cards on the clip.
  4. Admire your ingenuity and 'play' with your preschooler!
What kind of learning tools do you like to make for your kiddos?

Take care, 

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