Saturday, December 8, 2012

Free Christmas Decorations - Reuse and made new

I love using what I have already.  It's not that I don't like to spend money (just ask my husband!) but I like to spend money when I have to.  Not today, oh, not today....

I think Poinsettia flowers are lovely.  I have children, so I know there is a lot of back and forth on how safe they are around them and pets and so on...  Plus I don't like buying them every year, so a few years back during an after Christmas sale I bought 6 fake picks of the flower.  I didn't mind because they were pretty and cheap!!  I used them in my tree for pops of color during the Christmas season.  Well, that gets old after a couple of years and they needed a revamp.  I couldn't part with them, but wanted to find a great place for them....  I think this is it:

Please don't look at the safegaurd bumper for the fireplace!  I reused one of the 18 inch caddies from here , used two floral foams and stuck the poinsettias in there.  All free, totally easy and completely portable.  This can be a centerpiece during our Christmas meal or moved around where a little pretty is needed. 

I am so glad I was able to get a new-ish Christmas decoration that looks really nice!  What would you re-use and make new this Christmas season?

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  1. I'm remaking quite a number of Christmas decorations this year. It's amazing how you can spruce up the ratty ones with bows, paint or glitter. I can't keep poinsettias alive for long in this house so you delightful arrangement works for me!

    1. Thanks, Maureen! I know!! I really like being able to refresh things (not just decorations) just by letting it rest in the back of your mind for awhile... Then, it comes to you and you'll think why didn't I do this sooner! Love it more when it's totally free!! Thank you for stopping by!

      Take Care!


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