Monday, December 10, 2012


Shut your mouth!! No, not mine!  :)  My husband's friend from college and his wife, recently had twin boys!!  So, I decided this was an occasion for a monogrammed, zippered bag for the boys.  I mean momma could use the bags, she has two boys, right?

I hit craft pay dirt when she sent a picture of the nursery and it had a gray and white chevron fabric, which I have been coveting from my local HL.  I had actually picked up the bolt a couple of weeks ago wanting to purchase a couple of yards, you know, just in case I wanted to make something out of it, but talked myself out of it saying it will be there when I need it...  Well, I got the nursery pic and called my HL - you know, cause I roll like that - and they were out and didn't know when they were getting it again!  This is the reason why I have a fabric stash!  Anyway, I ended up finding another HL which had the fabric (30% off I might add) and with the three boys in tow went on a little day trip.  Crisis averted!

I decided to make everything the same because they are twins, but changed up the font on the monograms.  You know, they will have years of momma dressing them the same (from the pics I have seen thus far, she is on her way! which is so cute!) that they need a little individuality with different scripting...

Here goes: 

This blue, green broadcloth complements the color scheme in the nursery, so the stars couldn't have aligned better on this one...  I love giving homemade gifts, what do you like to give a new momma?

Take Care, 

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