Friday, October 12, 2012

Monogrammed Bag for Baby

Ok, so all new mommy's need an extra bag to stow away all those baby things, right?  Without smaller bags, the diaper bag becomes this black hole of diapers, wipes, creams, and all those little do-dads that are needed for the babies...  Finally, on the third baby, I have realized these smaller bags really organize the diaper bag and make it a lot easier to find things.  So, I used the fabric from this stash and made a pretty big bag to carry some of said do-dads in...  Ta-da!!!

Check out that TAMU lining!
Fill that baby up!
Now, I love this bag, especially how it sits up and coordinates so nicely with this.  The 'formula' is just so versatile, just pick a width (12 inches in this case) and you are pretty good to go.  I finished this sucker in one evening, but did a lot of prep work beforehand...

Flashback...  My hubby bought me an embroidery/sewing machine last year, I know, most wives might be angry about that, but I REALLY wanted one.  Problem was, this guy was ALL computerized!!  That's why it took me a whole year of walking by it every day, dreading opening the box and dealing with all that new fangled machinery.  My old, no frills sewing machine has always done me right, why would I want to use that mean, old embroidery machine?  Well, because it can embroider, that's why!

It took one whole day for me to thread the thing, with the manual by my side.  Not to mention getting the design on there...  Putting the K and border on the fabric alone took about 6 hours, again, much longer than I thought, expected, planned for, but totally worth it in the end.  Don't even ask me why I tried so many times to spell out the name on the front!  You know, it's difficult re-positioning the hoop to sew everything straight!  Enough about that, let's go back to our happy place...   The silver lining, I have had enough practice to know that (1) I need a bigger hoop already and (2) I can bust out some more designs real quick in the near future... 

I am really pleased with the way this turned out.  Fortunately, the future mommy and daddy already had the name picked out and were willing to share it!  So, nice!  I can't wait to use my embroidery machine again and crank out some more of these bags!  What do you think new mommies need most in their diaper bags?

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