Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pacifier "Flowers"

Ok, so I have been MIA lately...  It's not really my fault, is it?  Well, maybe a little, yes...  Here goes, so my problem is that I have these grand ideas for homemade gifts and no time or energy to get them done.  But I DO get them done, at the expense of a messy, unclean house (no, my boys don't notice, that's for another post on why do I clean so much then?) and no blogging!

Anyway, remember when I said a baby shower was coming up (did I tell you how much I LOVE showers!?) and I was going to have some projects come from that?  This is the first and the best project of all time!  I was asked to make the diaper cake!!

It was so much fun, especially because the baby is a sweet, little girl, so the cake was all that little girls are: pink and cute!  The cake was pretty much a no-brainer, diapers, rubber bands and roll, roll, roll.  And the decorations were pretty much what a baby would need: comb and brush, shampoo, baby powder,  a knock softly sign, and even paci's.  The thing with paci's is that they are very useful (if your baby uses one), but not very pretty.  Not until I made some paci flowers!!  Ta-da!!

Now I couldn't find anything in blogland on these, so I guess I invented them...  Yeah, me!!  They are not very difficult and only took me about 5 minutes to do, but they made such a difference on the cake!  These could also be grouped together to make a really cute corsage (pinned or on the wrist) for the mommy-to-be.  Here is the tute...

Pacifiers (I like this kind because they are flat on both sides and they are one piece, which is supposed to be safer for baby, too)
Double-sided tape

  1. Get your paci's ready, just take them out of the package.  
  2. Cut four pieces of double-sided tape and arrange them into a square on the 'top' (sucker side) of the paci.  I tried to get a pic of the glare of the tape, so you could 'see' what I was saying.
  3. Start looping your ribbon around the paci.  I started the loop down (see right pic), then looped up (see bottom left pic) all the way around until the end finishing with a loop down.  I did this so the frayed end of the ribbon wouldn't be noticeable.
  4. Cut the ribbon when you can see where the end will be and take the ribbon off.  Use this as your guide for cutting ribbon for all of the paci's you are making.
  5. Re-arrange the ribbon around the paci, adjust as needed.  You are ready to decorate!

The future Mommy and Daddy can easily remove the tape, wash these up and they are ready to be used for the baby.  I made these early, so the grandma could see the first draft of the cake, but I would recommend doing these no sooner than two weeks before the party.  They were still sticky, when I was arranging for the party, but didn't still have their form (so I had to re-do the ribbon, but not the tape.)  I also made some cake charms, that will be in another post, very shortly...

The shower was super fun; it's so nice being around the girls for a while!  I hope this post inspires you!  What is the best part of a shower for you?

Take Care,

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  1. Adorable! You did a beautiful job on your diaper cake! Your newest folower, NeeCee at love a vist from you to my blog...have a stylish day!

    1. Hi NeeCee! Thanks! And thank you for coming by! I love your site and am now your newest follower!

      Thanks, again!


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