Monday, March 11, 2013

Easy 100 Day Teacher Present

First, I just want to say, I am sorry it's been so long since I last posted...  I know you don't want to hear any excuses about the business of our lives and such, but this absence is totally not my fault!  I am technologically challenged (if you haven't noticed)...  There, I said it, I am not ashamed...  Well, maybe a little...  :) 

So, our computer for some reason stopped recognizing the photo card...  Why?  I have no idea, but the hubster, has it on his to-do list, though I don't think it will get fixed until our youngest is in college many years from now...  What? But I still have photos on there and crafts to do?  So after some finagling, I put the card in our laptop, emailed the pics to myself and then worked my magic, so here we are...  Flashback to the topic at hand: 100 day present for your favorite teacher.

So, it seems like just yesterday I was dropping off my oldest for First Grade...  Now it's coming upon the 100 days mark?  Where does the time go?  Well, you know me, I can't resist making his teachers a little something; however, this one is totally store bought, no sewing, baking, or otherwise crafting from me.  I had all of the gifty materials: cardstock, cellophane bags, ribbon, crinkle paper.  I was able to find the cups on clearance (several months ago) and was saving them for something like this...

So, I filled the cups with crinkle paper and put two baggies of store bought coffee in the clear, cellophane bag.
On the note for each teacher, I wrote something like thank you for the first 100 days and I hope this helps for day 101!  I love the San Antonio version of the coffee (it's decaf); I always like to give them something I would want, though no regifting...  The teachers wrote sweet notes back, so I am pleased with how they turned out...

What do you like to give your teachers on the 100th day of school?

Take Care,

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