Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Boy Graduating Gift Continued...

The boy who received this aptly named Boy Graduating High School gift, went off to college...  So a friend or ours (who also raised the young man) organized several care packages for him covering his freshman year!  Each month, one of us sent him a package with anything we thought he needed/wanted or more like what we would have wanted during our freshman year in college.  Isn't that the sweetest thing!  I wish, I had had people like that when I went off to school!

Anywho, when it was my month, I continued on the personalization theme for him...  As you can tell, I have a problem thinking most of my college roommates borrowed and never returned my things (which they totally did) probably because the monogramming theme wasn't so popular back in the stone tablet days (when I was in college.)

This couldn't have been easier!  I found one of these blankets during the August time frame at my local Target...  I carefully unpackaged only a corner and monogrammed that spot and refolded...  After a wash, which I am sure every teenage boy loves to do his own laundry, the stabilizers melt away and everything looks plush!  That blanket can either be used in his dorm, on his bed, or at a Fall football game or even during the Spring laying on it to read his books!

I followed the same method of monogramming as I did with his towels right here...  Same sandwich, water soluble stabilizer on top and rip away stabilizer on bottom...  Wash once and everything dissolves and the fabric puffs up... No worries...

What do you like to give boys for graduation?

Take Care!

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