Saturday, November 23, 2013

Knock Off and Better Bag

So, I always seem to need bags, which can stand up, to pack my boy's stuff in for campouts, overnighters and what not.  Well, you know me, I didn't want to pay for one, so I found some clearance, heavy weight fabric from Hob Lob and sewed them up, easy peasy. 

Well, not really easy-peasy, because I didn't have a pattern I was going by, but basically they are mitered bags with interfacing and lining.  I eyeballed a lot of the placement of straps and pockets and just folded over and held the lining as I sewed, but since there isn't a tutorial, I didn't want to totally make you think it was a walk in the park. These are lined, have a zippered pocket and have stiff interfacing to stand up at attention like good, little soldiers.  These took an afternoon and I don't have any pictures...  I just wanted to show off these beauties!


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