Sunday, April 7, 2013

Boy's 7th Birthday Party

So, has it really been almost 7 years since we brought our first little boy home?  It makes my heart ache that I would give him kisses all day to such sweet giggles and now he runs away from the car during drop-off after saying that more than two kisses from mom are too much... Well, that's how it goes, I suppose...

This was his 7th Birthday party and we found a discounted deal at our local museum for members (otherwise it would have been an at home party.)  Be sure to look for deals, even if birthday parties at a particular place are usually pricey.  If I hadn't of looked just to see, then I wouldn't have known about the awesome deal.   One of the stipulations of the deal was that it had to be held during the month prior to my little boy's actual birthday, but it turned out great because we have a busy couple of months ahead of us.  He chose an Astronomy themed birthday, so that's why we have 'Earth' toppers for the cupcakes...

Anywho, I made a few items for the party and they will all be listed here...  The tute's will come in individual posts and sources...  But for now, here goes:

I tried to have food items that were individual (read: didn't want grubby hands touching my food) and easily portable for the party.  The bonus of this party was that it was during a normal snack time, not meal time, so no worries about feeding an entire meal.  Well, we learned a lot and had a good time and are ramping up for the quickly approaching first birthday of our youngest.  So, I hope you get some ideas for your next birthday party.

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