Sunday, June 15, 2014

Elegant Diaper Cake

Now, you all know how much I LOVE showers...  And I love making diaper cakes...  Well a friend of the family asked for a custom diaper cake.  She actually attended the shower in which I made this beauty, took a picture of the cake and saved it away until she might need my services!!  How awesome is that!

Margaret was the future-Grandmother-in-Law, if that makes any sense, or rather her son's wife, was the baby shower honoree...  I immediately fell in love with Margaret, I mean, she was lovely to work with, so very nice and kept a picture of my diaper cake in her mind (and phone) for over a year!!  :) 

Margaret's request for her Daughter-in-Law was elegant in nature.  The flowers were to be reminiscent of her DILs bouquet and the color scheme lavender and white for the sweet baby girl.  After brainstorming and reviewing the shower registries, we settled on this theme: classic, sweet, baby girl complete with butterflies, a classic, well-made (and totally monogram-able) porringer, flatware, music box (elephant) all with a french look and feel...

The really important thing to keep in mind was this was a baby shower cake, not a wedding cake (though it could easily be made like that, if you needed to.)  So while it was edited, the baby items are classic, durable, and meant to last a lifetime.

I am really proud of how this cake turned out (even my four year old son said that it was beautiful!)  I mean, everyone thinks you can do classy and elegant and we all know what that looks like when you see it, but to actually create it is really challenging!   I had very few baby items to work with, but had more of a look and feel to create...

To say that I am pleased is an understatement!!  I imagined in my head the diaper cake, but I didn't even think it would look like this in my brain!!  I am so glad Margaret and the future momma were pleased with the cake!  

Reed and Barton Jungle Parade Elephant Music Box
Flatware by Things Remembered

While I did get paid for the cake, the products used in the cake were purchased for the mom to be and are totally unique for her.  These are quality products and I do not specifically endorse any of the products (though the Tower, which was purchased here, came super quick and I would definitely order from them again.)  And if there were any more little ones around here, I would get a similar music box (if not the same one!) from here...

What do you like to make for baby showers?

Take care!

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