Monday, July 23, 2012

Ballard Designs Inspired Beverage Tags

I love me some Southern Living, whether it's the site, the parties or the magazine (which I get on a monthly basis delivered to my little piece of heaven.)  After I pick up the mail, I plan dinner, baths and bedtimes around how interesting the cover looks; hence, more interesting, those boys are eating early, getting quick baths (if at all, I can do it tomorrow, right?) and only two stories, then nighty-night. 
And yes, I do stay up the whole night it arrives in the mail, just to peruse the mag at my leisure artfully ripping out the recipes or crafts I plan on doing sometime in the future...  Mr. Sweet knows he gets little talking on this one night of the month because my magazine is here and that's just how it is.  Hey, it works for us, right? I mean, I don't bother him too much when he reads his special reading material, (the Wall Street Journal.)  What were you thinking was his special reading material?

So imagine my surprise when I got my last Ballard Designs mag in the mail and found specific Southern Living objects!  My delight was palpable when I saw these beverage tag beauties:
They are the cutest things!  I can imagine making all types of beverages for parties I will have in the future and cute little gifts for folks when you don't want to go too personal or need just a little something for someone.  Mind you, I don't usually have so many beverages they need to be labeled, but these tags make me want to now.

Now you can totally buy them here, if you want and I am totally ok with you doing that.  But me, I am going to make similar cuties and I am going to do it cheap!  I mean, you don't have to be like me, but if you want to, then here you go:


Paint Sticks (Got these for free at the local Home Improvement Store, whoop!)

Black Paintpen
Number 2 Pencil

  1. Sand off any of the Store's information from the stick.  
  2. For cutting, I (meaning Mr. Sweet) cut off the 'handle' and then divided what was left evenly.  So, you get four tags for each 5 gallon stir stick and 2 for each small one.
  3. Round off the edges of the stick.  Ours were kind of sharp.  
  4. Drill hole for the twine.
  5. Stain with whatever you have handy. Let dry.
  6. Find a cool font to use for your beverage names.  I used Monotype Corsiva and made my labels.  I made labels that would fit more with my entertaining style, so I went with: decaf, kids, eat, not yet! (am I the only one who has people grab up dessert when it's only time to eat the appetizers?) and over 21 (two of these!)  If I made these for people I know, I would change the wording to suit them (wine folks - shiraz, riesling, pinot, etc.)
  7. Now this is where you transfer the words to the tags.  I cut the words out and on the backside scribbled pencil all over, then flipped it over and eyeballed it on the tag.  Firmly trace over the letters (hold your paper still, because it's very hard to find your spot if you move it.) Press very hard!!  It's difficult to see the lettering if you picked a dark stain.
  8. Paint your wording and let dry.
  9. Cut twine and thread through the tag.  You are good to go!
This is what my labels look like:

After painting the wording and then staining, I learned that the wording bleeds a bit.  I still don't mind the way these look, so I will keep these.  For gifts, I will follow the steps mentioned in the tutorial for clear, crisp letting.

Crisp, Clear one on the left and slightly blurry on right

I hope this post inspires you!  Take Care!

FYI...  I have received NOTHING, NADA, ZILCH from Southern Living or Ballard Designs for the above post.  I love both companies and am always inspired by their beautiful design.  Just wanted to throw that out there. 

UPDATE:  If you want the Holiday edition of these, then look here.  Enjoy!

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  1. You did a great job!! I love them. So creative. :) Your newest follower from the Whatever You Want Wed. linky party.

    Kathy @

    1. Thanks, Kathy! You're sweet! I love your site, too! It seems like we both enjoy the pink stripes! :)

      Take Care,

  2. These are great! I'll be making some of these soon. I'm following your blog now. Can you come follow mine?

    I found you through the CSI project :)

    1. Hi Patty! Thanks for coming over! I haven't seen that site; how did you find me on there? It looks like fun! Thank you for following me, I returned the fav!

      Take Care,

  3. Love your tags, pinned them on my "to do" board. Blogging about mine tomorrow. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Hi Gail, Thanks! I can't wait to see what you did with these! They really are so versatile!

      Take Care, Morgan

  4. Stopped by from Knock-Off Decor~~these are absolutely clever!

  5. Hi! I'm wondering if you could post pictures of the transfer process. I love these and I want to make them but I'm not sure how you did that part!

    1. Hi Claire! Unfortunately there is something wrong with my camera and I have been taking pictures with my phone, which has less than good quality - look at a few pics of the last posts... :( Basically, I printed the words out, turned the paper to the 'wrong' side and shaded it with pencil. You need an old fashioned, wood pencil or that's what I used, maybe a mechanical pencil would work... Then I turned it over and placed the 'wrong' side on the wooden tag and traced the 'right' side. When you lift the paper up, your tracing will appear. Make sure you do not move the paper while tracing, you will lose your place (unless you are a better crafter than me!) :) You are then free to paint or use paint pen. I hope this helps! Let me know if I can do any more!

      Thanks for coming by! Morgan

  6. I had these bookmarked to DIY too! Yours came out great!


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