Monday, December 24, 2012

Easy Teacher Pouches

Ok, can I say that this whole post was inspired by this cute ribbon?  Once I saw it, I knew I had to make some teacher pouches!  

I only bought the zippers and ribbon, both for a steal, and used up my fabric stash and iron on paper (laying around from a long ago project) and voila!


Cute gingham lining
In my old age, I am getting worse at procrastinating (though I am busy doing a lot of things), but on the upside I am getting better at sewing.  I sewed these five pouches from cutting to gluing the ribbon ends in less than three hours and we had dinner during that time, too.  I did these assembly line style from cutting all one time, ironing and such.  Though if I encountered a problem, which I did with my bobbin in the beginning, I put the pouch to the side and moved on.  During a break, I ripped out the seam and 'caught' the pouch up with his friends and chugged along.

If I were going to make these again, I would definitely iron-on the names at the end after making the entire pouch.  The first one you see in the pics was completed that way and I think it looks the best.  Oh, and you know your iron, if it's too hot and your doing the package directions on the iron-on paper, go with your gut! Momma burned the fabric on hers (because it said to hold it on there 20 seconds, so I did!) and got a real nice burn mark of the iron.  I was there counting and seeing smoke wondering why am I seeing smoke, not thinking IT WAS FROM THE FABRIC!  Sometimes I really wonder about myself!  :)  Plus, I let her name cool and then peel, so it came out darker.  The others I pulled off while hot (ouch!) and as a result, they are lighter, but still cute.

These are going in some end of year buckets for five teachers!  My two boy's have two teachers each and one for before and after school....  Whew!  That post will be coming shortly, too.

What inspires you to make a 'crafty' gift?  Thanks for coming by!

Take Care,

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