Saturday, September 28, 2013

Easy Decorated Clip Boards

I love teacher gifts...  You know this, I know this, so there it is.  I have done them here, here, here, here, here and here.  This actually didn't start out as a teacher gift, but inevitably turned into our end of year gift's for my eldest son's teachers.

Here goes: OK, I had the clipboards because we went on a family trip earlier this year and I thought my boys would like writing/drawing in the car...  I have to constantly remind myself that I have boys, because they TOTALLY did not like these.  Nope, they never used them.  So as I was watching these clipboards gather dust, I knew I had to do something with them...

Then as if by craft providence, I saw the cutie pie apple scrap paper (only needed one 12 by 12 sheet) and the apple sequin sticker (on clearance several months ago) and knew together I could put together a cute teacher gift.
The sticker and name are on the back.
Apple paper on the front.
So, decorating clipboards has been done all over the blogosphere, so I am not adding to that.  Besides, if you want to know how to mod podge the paper and clean up the edges, you can review this post.  I do it there on the signs.  I will; however, talk you through how I got the teacher's name around the apple.

Ok, so I have a fancy cutter machine but because I have too many hoppers in the fire, I have not been good about reading the manual (though I did several months ago) and it doesn't seem to want to work well for me.  :(   So, I used the software to make a circle a tad over 3 inches round and picked a font for the teacher's name to go around it.  I used this method to put the name onto the clipboard, then colored the name in with paint pen and let dry.
Found these tiny clipboards at Michaels and had to use them!!
They were in the dollar section, but they weren't a dollar.
I used my paint pen for the sayings.
Used a glue stick and extra decorative paper to
cover the top of the notebook paper.
 These took no time at all to do and were pretty inexpensive!  What cute teacher gifts do you like to make?

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