Monday, November 25, 2013

Easy End of Year Teacher Gift

So, you know I love a good Teacher gift as much as the next person and I HAD to give my boys' teachers gifts for the end of year, last year (cough, cough).  They are finally showing up here!!  Ta-da!

Basically, I wanted to give the teachers a movie night - minus the movie...  They got popcorn, candy, cookie mix, drinks (all specific for the teacher, since my eldest could tell me the drinks and candies he saw the teachers with during the day,) and the made clipboard in this post.  Unfortunately, I didn't have any clear wrap, so they got red wrap and a personalized tag made like these.  All in all, the teachers were happy with their movie night gifts (from the prompt thank you notes I received!)

These were very economical because I was able to purchase most with coupons and on sale as the end of year approached. What do you like to give your favorite teachers?

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