Monday, December 2, 2013

Many Uses for Wooden Blocks

So, I have grouped some easy projects together because it seems to make sense...  Wooden blocks and their many crafty uses!  Now, you don't have to cut wood to make these blocks (though I did), you are more than welcome to use a coupon and get some from your favorite craft store.  I found it cheaper to get a long board and cut it up, less than $3 bucks for untreated wood from the Depot, who stamped the wood from Sweden and I made LOTS of these sets!  Plus, I rounded ALL of the corners, you know, because I have too much free time!

The first two of these, I used plain old stickers (one set on clearance!) and the last one has vinyl chalkboard labels (which you can find anywhere) that I found at the dollar spot (more like $50 spot) at Tarjay.
The whole set!  Now little fingers can't ruin your fancy nativity!

Cute little package
See the Clearance sticker!  Bought these during the summer!

Now wouldn't these be cute placecards?
 Now, I did the first two with a Christmas theme, but you could certainly do other themes...  I have one in the works for when I can begin crafting again, after the blog post binge!  :)  If you would like one of the nativity sets, I have extra from a craft fair I went to...  Just contact me and we can work it out!

What extra uses can you find for wood blocks?

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